In these short publications I cannot tackle in depth topics chosen, and probably some points are left by the wayside, then I can be blamed of being superficial as it has happened. In opinion of my younger son I could have gone into greater depth, so it is time to go back to the same issue. This time I would like to point out the characteristics of Millenials and to question where they come from, and finally I will bring up some question as usual.

Some years ago I started hearing about Millenials, and was captivated by this topic. Not till you are interested in some issue are you so sensible to news and articles related to it. Then I started collecting links, articles and surveys focused on it. Taking in account all of them, the characteristics of Millenials can be listed.

For instance it is said that they are individualistic, fascinated by new technologies, and so they need to be ?on-line? all the time. This is the most technological savvy group illustrated by the development of social networking websites such as youtube, facebook, myespace or twitter, just to name a few. Probably, before we have posted them a question, they have come up with the answer by googling it in seconds. In addition, another key characteristic of Millenials is their search for personal fulfilment. Also, they are used to working in teams and tend to be pretty ambitious.

All characteristics of those who came of age with the new Millennium can be found in this video and in many other links as well

Nonetheless, biased by my background I would like to highlight that all these conclusions are not based in a survey as it is understood from an academic point of view. Besides that, they are accepted and not yet challenged; even more, they are replicated in all articles, post and info-graphics you can read.

In order to check if Millenials in my classes at University feel indentified with this stereotype, I like to ask them each year. Rather than feeling part of the group described by the characteristics listed above, they disagree with them. Why? I am not sure, and still this topic is fashionable among bloggers worried about the effects of Generational Gap on a specific work environment.

What happen in your work place? Are there people from different generations working together? Is it a source of trouble or on the contrary and advantage? In my case I work teaching young people, and I find it a wonderful challenge.

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