Sofia?s mum is quite demanding, and, at the same time, she knows the difference between right and wrong; as for her daughter she wants the best for her. She has never uttered a single word about what she considers ?the best? to be, and hasn?t made a list of indispensable and desirable characteristics someone has to have in order to be considered acceptable; however, every member of the family knows what her preferences are regarding social relationships.

Sofia, on the other hand, a rebel by nature, doesn?t share her mum?s point of view which has remained unchanged and will continue to remain so until the end of time. Sofia follows her intuition and heart in stark contrast to her mother.

Mum and daughter are in an ongoing struggle, although it is hidden, where fears and concerns are never verbalized. While the mother has thought long and hard on her daughter?s failures, Sofia continues to discover more about the world on her own journey.

Sofia has met a boy; he is not tall, handsome nor does he even have a good position in society.

?Would you introduce him to your mum?? asked a friend of hers, getting straight to the point.? The question made Sofia question herself and brought back some old fears. Introducing the boy to her family would imply undergoing a tough exam.

Maybe it is not necessary (she thinks).

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