Pictures, videos, memes, audios and vignettes focused on the International Working Women?s Day have flooded social media over the last week. Due to this commemoration, some of my friends and colleagues went on strike and participated in demonstrations; as these events unfolded, I thought about my own opinions and feelings in relation to this theme; but above all, I thought about how the women were and the behaviour of those women that are close to me and inspire me.

Through social media I have had the opportunity to watch very inspirational videos showing the achievements of women in different fields such as sport, science or politics, just to name a few. They are people who broke barriers while fulfilling their dreams and have paved the way for others. Among the videos there is one in which Wayne Dyer tells us who has been an inspiration to him (What is your calling?), and it made me think about which women inspire me. I find them close to me more than in those heroines known worldwide.

My sister in law inspires me. She is always close to me and willing to help when I need her; she takes care of little things such as birthdays, medical appointments and so on. She always has spare time to walk around or talk over a cup of tea, and above all, she enjoys life with her big and generous heart.

Those friends who are coherent, whose values, attitudes and behaviour are fully integrated. Those friends inspire me; I admire their inner strength in living their life.

However, the woman who inspires me the most is my mother. She has a light complexion but great strength; her constancy and strong will as well as her disposal to help others are characteristics I admire. Nonetheless, as she is close to me, it is not possible to idealise her; I can also see characteristics in her that I don?t like.

My mother, my sister in law and my friends, all of them inspire me. Many women that surround me are heroines, and they try to make a better world while adhering Mother Teresa?s quote ? Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person?. What about you, dear readers? Who are the women who inspire you?

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