Sofia comes back home every summer; and every time she stops in front of the window. Her parents happily welcome her back after so long without seeing her. Since her childhood Sofia has showed her desire to travel all over the world, looking for nothing else but to see how others live.

Her parents had many plans and projects lined up for her! The most important, a good husband; although at that time? what was the meaning of a good husband? However, Sofia showed her defiance and desire to be independent from a young age. She left the village to study in a city far away and chose a husband with her heart instead of with her head.

The years have passed, and her mother and her father have faced difficulties and life?s setbacks, together, hand in hand; with his courage and bravery, with her strength and perseverance. Now, in the autumn of their lives, they feel the generation gap between themselves and their grandchildren who are not interested in visiting a small and insignificant village like the one they live in. Youth live in haste whereas grandparents take care of the orchard or enjoy embroidering.

Beyond the window there is a house built with stones by their ancestors, a well and stables now empty and a place where there used to be a lot of cows , a dusty attic full of gadgets instead of sacks of grain and straw, and a warehouse where the scent of apples can be still identified.

The house has a lot of secrets, but the family prefer not to talk about them. Quarrels, ruins and recoveries, love affairs, disagreement between brothers, treacheries, controlling mother-in-laws, and all sorts of other stories.

But Sofia always comes back, and each time she asks herself the same question, whether she belongs to the place where she was born or to the place that she lives in currently. The answer is that she doesn?t know, and in fact it is not important; the important thing is that she will keep on coming back to the house that lies behind the window.

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