Uninspired as I was I stopped and listened to the conversations around me.

?We have to look over your costume and your makeup. Your grandfather is going to take you to the Halloween party?, a mother was saying to his son, sitting at the table behind me. He looked happy and the mother excited about the plan.

?Let?s buy lottery tickets, just in case this number were the prize next Christmas?, said a friend to another. And the latter, following the advice, bought lottery tickets; not because he decided it , but because he was afraid of being left out of the lottery-winning group. Regarding Christmas lottery in Spain, I know it is the normal behavior of people. Very rarely will I buy lottery, I don?t trust it.

Halloween or The Festival of All Saints, lottery versus abundance, could be good topics for this post, or even a commentary on the book I am reading. In fact, there are two books that I have started reading, but it is Alice?s adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking-Glass which is close to be finished. Talking of it, Through the Looking-Glass is a sequel although most of us could have thought there is only one story due to the influence of films.

Nevertheless, none of these three topics are too appealing to me, although I have my own opinion about each of them. Perhaps if this were a conversation over a cup of tea, in a surrounding of nature or peaceful place, I could express myself freely and from the depth of my heart.

In this case I could share with my companion a passage found in the aforementioned book, which frequently is also shared with my students. It reads as follows:

??Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here??

?That depends a good deal on where you want to get to?, said the Cat.

?I don?t much care where-?said Alice.

?Then it doesn?t matter which way you go?, said the Cat.

?- so long as I get somewhere? Alice added as an explanation.

?Oh, you are sure to do that?, said the Cat, ?if you only walk long enough??.

Where are we heading?



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