I posted another poem on 7/3/2015, that time only in the Spanish version of the blog. And today I want to share with you a poem by e.e. cummings, an American poet, painter and author.

stand with your lover on the ending earth-?

and while a(huge which by which huger than?
huge)whoing sea leaps to greenly hurl snow?

suppose we could not love,dear;imagine?

ourselves like living neither nor dead these?
(or many thousand hearts which don?t and dream?
or many million minds which sleep and move)?
blind sands,at pitiless the mercy of?

time time time time time?

-how fortunate are you and i,whose home?
is timelessness:we who have wandered down?
from fragrant mountains of eternal now?

to frolic in such mysteries as birth?
and death a day(or maybe even less)

He is not one of the authors I studied before starting at University my degree in Business Administration; ?he does not appear in the books in the photo, although they led me to appreciate poetry. I keep these lines written in a paper which has survived over the years and is one of those box full of memories. The reason it liked me, why I identify with this text, or why it resonates with me, I cannot explain and it doesn?t matter. Just enjoy the poem.

As I don?t propose to teach anything about e.e. cummings, if you are interested in more details about him and his work, you can visit these webs.



Some friends often shared with me poems they liked and it allows me to learn more about poetry, and even some of them have written poems. So, do you have one favorite poem? Do you enjoy reading poems? Have you ever written a poem? Did someone write a poem devoted to you?

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