Today is a perfect day for a new post; the New Year just starts as far as we look time in its chronological aspect which we talk about in a former post.

This is a blog mostly about dreams; about wishes expressed; about projects to be developed; a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and always with a personal mark, my point of view.

Until now, the dreams are only mine and always I thought it had to be in this way. I often think that we were born alone and we die alone too, therefore the path between the first and the second moment belongs to us, and there are our dreams.

However, in recent times, I have read: ?one dream needs two wings to flight”, in other words, it needs of the two of us. Certainly it is a romantic book, or better I would say it is something between a romantic novel and a message hidden in a novel. There are a lot of messages hidden in it, and as it is said: ?when the student is ready, the teacher appears?, so I think I am ready to learn the message it brought to me.

Don?t be afraid, I won?t disclose the content, because everyone must find their own message, this one pursued consciously or unconsciously. This way, at the beginning of the year I take the chance to make my own wish, silently, as when we blow out candles on birthday cake.

Dear readers, look within you and make the most pure and beautiful wish, and there they will be, around you, in your reality. They may be dreams with one wing, or if the couple was made in the heaven, they will have two wings.

Libro: “Juntos: el plan infinito” Raimon Sams?


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