One of my friends uploads pictures to her album on Facebook entitled ?Travelling can open your mind?, and I would add: it would be directly related to the distance you have travelled.

If you visit a city close to yours, you will find the same culture and a similar way of expressing feelings. However, when you go far away, you can find out how people see the world in a different light: differences in celebrating life and death, or how they communicate with each other, or what is classified as beautiful or ugly?

This is a kind of experience I had in Brest (Belarus) and which becomes addictive. So, I want to travel all around the World, like I do in my dreams.

But a lot of arrangement must be made before travelling, and some decisions must be made. One of them is who you are going with, or the transport you are going to use.

Only a few times have I travelled on my own, and it is wonderful. When you are alone you can listen to yourself, and look within yourself. It doesn?t mean that you do not have to share time and activities with other people; on the contrary, you can find new ones who help you to have a nice time, who tell you stories about this far away place, and who sometimes become a friend forever. Having said that, actually I have never been totally disconnected as the Internet allows us to keep in touch with our relatives.

Alternatively, if you are going to travel with someone, you must be aware of how important this decision could be, because you will be together through thick and thin. This reminds me of a time that I visited a city and my opinion was blurred by my companion. And I, always ready to see the beauty of everything (you can read? )?ended up with an awful impression of the city. On the other hand, sometimes companions are able to change a difficult situation into an enjoyable one, even if there are obstacles to hurdle.

Another aspect we could point out is what transport we prefer, but it may be the topic of another short and sweet post.

Do you usually travel with the same companion? Have someone ruined your trip or holidays? Or, have you ever ruin somebody?s trip?


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