Those who know me know that I am a vegetarian, or at least I say I am. However recently I faced an embarrassing situation that forced me to think about whether I should be a vegetarian or not. I am going to describe the circumstances and then you can give your opinion.

I had invited a professional expert on the area, to come to my classes to deliver a speech. Between classes I had no time to have lunch, so I normally stay in the same classroom while a group of students leave and others come in. At this time, I had promised my colleague that we would have time to eat a bit. My guest speaker, gently and generously, booked a table in a nearby restaurant to have some tapas. ?It will only be a few tapas and they will be ready for us to make the most of our; it is a friend?s restaurant and they have great food?, claimed my friend and I accepted the plan.

The cook, after welcoming us, described what would have seemed to anyone an appetizing meal but which put me in an embarrassing situation. Hesitantly I congratulated him and added that I was vegetarian. At this point, you can imagine the expression on the cook?s face as well as my friend?s look. But we had no time and to overcome the awkwardness, I decided to accept the meal offered to me which was ready to eat. The explanation given to them was that I was flexible, and I could make an exception.

While my companion gave his impressions of my students, I tried to enjoy the seafood, but I could not eat meat. I apologised saying it was enough for me, so I finished by sipping a wonderful coffee while I glanced at the elegant watch my friend was wearing, worried because it was starting to get late.

In your case, dear friends and readers, have you ever faced a situation like this? Have you felt that you were incoherent?

In this situation, I didn?t know how to feel, my feelings ranging from incoherence to justification. In my opinion, if we label ourselves it limits us; but at the same time, it is not right to name us as something if we don?t behave in accordance with that idea. Therefore, dear readers, in the future I am not going to say I am vegetarian or flexitarian, nor even that I belong to any category. From now on, I am going to allow myself to choose what I am going to eat each time, and it will be good for my health.

P.S. I apologize to the staff of Xvenir restaurant, and thank them for their comprehension; I will go back to have the opportunity to choose with more freedom.

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