Although my mother says that time often flies whereas on other occasions it doesn?t pass; at my home she feels a little upset because she cannot see the time. I don?t have any clocks at home. In relation with this, some weeks ago a friend told me that the Greeks distinguish between khronos and Kairos as two different dimensions of time.

The concept of khronos may be easier to be understand, it refers to clock time, time that can be measured. Where khronos is quantitative, kairos is qualitative and more difficult to be described. The last one measures moments and refers to the right moment. It is the experience we have, I would say.

I don?t know if you experience time more like khronos or like kairos, but I can say that I have had different life experiences. At my parents? home, in the little village, there is a wall clock whose sound shows the inexorable passage of time. Although it bothers other people, I am used to its tic-tac. Listening to it means quietness, peace, calm? There, time stops, it even ?gets longer.

Probably, it was in Belarus where I had the experience of time as kairos, it is impossible to put it into words. Perhaps time is not lineal as we tend to think, and we go forward and backward along this dimension. Al least, it is my impression. As you, I have had d?j? vu, the strong sensation that an event has already been experienced in the past or while dreaming. It could have been during my sleepless nights as I described throughout the post two weeks ago.

Related to time there are a lot of idioms and proverbs, for instance:

?Time is the best healer?

?Time flies?

?There is a time and a place for everything?

?Time and tide wait for no man?

Nowadays some coaches affirm that time is our servant, do you agree with this affirmation? Or, on the contrary, do you frequently feel stressed because you don?t have enough time to do what you want?

It is funny to play with time.

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