Thunderstorms in recent days have reminded me the situation that one day I described in my English class in Paignton (UK).

When I was little I lived in a small village in the middle of nowhere, and my grandmother and my maiden aunt lived with us too. It is typical in our houses to have a table named as ?Camilla? that has some clothes covering it and a ?heater? inside. On stormy days all women at home joined around the table and frequently some frightened neighbour came. In accordance to my grandmother it was of a fundamental importance not to leave our foot on the floor, instead the foot should be up in the chair. Besides, all devices must be switch off, all windows closed and it was compulsory to pray. Yes, pray to Santa B?rbara and San Bartolom?. I can still recite the first sentences of the prayer, however I should have to do an internet search to find the complete version.

It was very difficult to narrate this situation to colleges with different nationalities. I also told them that my grandmother wore black clothes with a black head scarf. When I finish trying them to understand me, my dear friend Blanka asked: ?where were the men??. I, who never had thought of it, realized that probably they were having a cup of wine in the bar opposite my house. When I said this, all students burst out laughing.

I told this story when I was attending an English course which was one of my dreams that came true.

How did your grandmothers do in stormy days? This story is a tribute to my grandmothers.


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