The smartphone rang.

Feeling paralysed with anxiety, I stared at it.

What did he want to talk about? I would never know the response. He never called again.

He must have thought that I wouldn?twant to pick the phone up. Did he imagine I was giving up on him?

What would have happened if I had answered? Would I have been persuaded by his soft voice?

If I had spoken to him on the telephone, for sure, I would have run toward him with open arms.

If I had seen him again, I would have given him another opportunity.

If I had given him an opportunity, he would have played with my heart again.

If he had played with my heart, I would have ended up with a broken heart again.

If I had answered that call, I wouldn?t be thinking of him and reminded of the way he moved his hands and how he used to look at me.

The smartphone stopped ringing and life went on without him.

Sofia was writing down all these thoughts without being capable of distinguishing whether they were real or not.  Perhaps she was simply trying to learn the correct way in which toconstruct third conditional sentences.  

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