This tongue twister comes from the film ?My Fair Lady?, but English readers of my blog must know that its translation into Spanish turns it into a totally different sentence; trying to maintain the use of a proper phonetic combination of words, the sentence refers to the rain in Seville. Although we don?t like to talk about the weather very much at the moment due to recent persistent and heavy rain in Seville, it is highly probable that someone has uttered this quote: ?La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla?, which is the equivalent Spanish expression. However, it is not my intention to write about rain; on the contrary, I would like to refer to a useful contraption in the rainy season, the umbrella.

Rainy days can be a wonderful opportunity to walk around while wearing boots and with an umbrella, although it doesn?t seem overly appealing to us who are used to sunshine. Umbrellas are one of those things we forget easily and it might be the reason why we aren?t willing to pay a high price for them. During one of my trips, in a European city, I found a shop specializing in the sale of umbrellas; they were beautiful and in so many styles that they could fit any look. However, in my opinion, they were very expensive if you took into account the high probability of losing them.

Here in Seville, umbrellas also have another different use. In summer, they are the perfect protection against sun rays; so perhaps in this instance we might call them parasol. Despite the fact that carrying parasol could easily be justified in our city, it is not easy to spot people using them. On the contrary, as far as I could see, in Myanmar, umbrellas are a significant representative element of their culture. In this post, there are some pictures.

I don?t use parasol to walk around in Seville in summer; and regarding umbrellas, I have lost a few of them but I still have one, decorated with butterflies, that was bought in Prague that has always travelled with me. What about you, dear readers, do you use beautiful and eye-catching umbrellas? Have you lost any of them? Do you have a special one?

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