If I am going to write about my stay at Belarus, it is good to start by looking at the point of departure.

University of Sevilla: all the information is in http://www.us.es/. But to me (in Isabel Allende style in ?My invented Country?), it is the place where I spend the most of my time; where I achieved the highest academic degree; where I met my best friends; besides where I suffered also sometimes. University is the place where I have the chance to met wonderful people: students, they teach me a lot.

Sevilla: the city where I live. But a way to know how we are is to know how others see us. During the last months I have had the opportunity to show the city, also the region, to some European friends. Some tips of the things that called their attention: double parking (creative parking said Martina) and we are allowed to push cars; we are slow and inefficient ( post office, police station, museums); we have wonderful fruit and vegetable but don?t appreciate it; we are always with mobiles.

Does this confirm or deny the stereotype they had about us?

What is more, what is the stereotype I have about Belarus before going there?

There is no stereotype, but because of lack of information. Every time I said I had a scholarship grant to go to Belarus,? people asked: where this country is? Are not you afraid about contamination? Why do not you go to others counties as EEUU, UK, or Germany?

It is good not to have a prejudice before arrive in one country.

Soon I will tell you about what I see there. For the moment, you can see a pic that permits people all around the world to recognize us.


(Please forgive my mistakes, Engish is not my mother tongue, I am learning it)

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