Only by reading the post will you realize that I am not referring to Oscar Wilde?s play, The Importance of Being Earnest, which, what is more, has a title with a homophone. Actually I would like to share with you the reason of why my name is Gloria.

My name is Gloria; however it could be Petra, Sof?a or Amelie. If my parents had followed the tradition, my name would have been Petra which was my grandmother?s name; a name not considered beautiful nowadays, I guess. Fortunately, by chance, if hazard exists, my brother had a tale entitle ?Gloria y Pedrito?, so as my cousin was Pedro, it was clear I might be baptised Gloria, adding Maria.

Perhaps if I had had the opportunity to chose my name, it could have been Sof?a; I don?t know why, but I like it. What is more, if I had had a daughter, her name would have been Sof?a; I was sure about it, as it happened to Clara in La Casa de los Esp?titus (a novel by Isabel Allende) who knew the name of the daughter she carried inside, Blanca.

Yet my name could have been Amelie. Do you remember that French film in which a girl tries to make life of those around her happier? By the way, it has a beautiful soundtrack. Whereas I don?t know the reason, a colleague usually call me Amelie; and I like it, just because it leads me to an imaginary world which doesn?t exist, but it could exist.

Today is San Antonio?s Day, a name very loved by me. It is the name of my older son, named after his father, and grandfather, and very common in the family. Although I prefer not to use the same names, I respected the tradition and my younger son was name after my father. ?Would we inherit something more when we are named after somebody? In my case, because I don?t share the name with any ancestor, it is not clear what and from whom I inherit my character.

Hence, you my dear readers, do you feel identified and happy with your names or would you prefer to have another one? What else have you inherited with your name?

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