I beg, dear reader, you excuse my delay in publishing; the end of the term brings duties with a deadline which demands to be met. In this academic age, it has become fashionable to celebrate graduations; something that was uncommon when I graduated. What is more, not only do students celebrate graduations, there are also get togethers between people who studied together, usually 25 years after they have finished.

In our case, the class of 84-89 let the 25th anniversary slip by, but it did not wait till the 30th for the reunion, it was in fact held the year before. Generally, this kind of reunion starts with an academic theme, but there was no time to arrange it, so the promoters of the reunion organized a venue in which we could have a cocktail followed by music to dance to.

It is understandable that after so many years people were hesitant about coming along; everyone has changed, we are not the same as before and our memories give us a blurred image of the past. But, in the end, fortunately a large group joined who were open to having a good time as well as catching up with old colleagues.

We were so excited to see each other, summarizing the experiences we had had over the last 30 years, recounting a few anecdotes from the years at University or asking what people?s names were because we had forgotten them. With all the excitement, there was an abundance of food left untouched. When the desserts were served, the music started, and as would be expected of our generation, women commandeered the dance floor while most of the men surrounded it while holding a drink. It may be possible that they were still catching up with each other about their professional activities.

Everything went so fast that at home I needed time to ruminate over all the memorable moments and to comment on them with some close friends. I tried to recap all my emotions which were a lot and it was difficult. Without time to delve further into our personal experiences in life and the wisdom gained as a result of these experiences, it was time to hit the dance floor; even though the great hits of the 80?s were not played, we were all ready to declare the reunion a joyous event (at least that was my impression).

This kind of commemoration sometimes has unexpected effects because a person can compare who he was, what other people?s impression are of him, and who he is now; and what is more important, whether the journey was worth it or not. I am not sure if someone did this introspection, nonetheless I can assure you, without fear of being mistaken, that it was a good day of reminiscing with old colleagues.

What about you, dear readers, have you ever participated in a reunion similar to this? Has it lead you to some interesting conclusions? Share your thoughts here if you want, they are welcome.

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