The reason behind this blog is my stay at the Brest Satate Univesity named after A.S. Pushkin, so it is the moment to show how the first week was.1

The course was officially opened on September the 1st , all new students are invited to the ceremony. The Dean of each Faculty joins his or her new students and place around the courtyard to listen the speech of the Rector.


?The bread and salt? is offered to each Dean, the university anthem is sung, and the flag is raise.

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It was a cold morning, and I was in a corner, it is the reason of that pictures.


When you enter the University building, you can find Pushkin words, they want to encourage people to do the best for the fatherland.

And almost each floor a mural can be seen as those showed in the photos.

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Every day I go to the library to work, it is a special part for teacher, small and cosy with plants.

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During this week I only met students twice, it was in order to encourage them to choose? Spanish as a second language. The reason of this meeting is that I am here working with Professor Maksimuk who is in charge of the Foreign Language Department.


All staff here is kind and, although I can?t speak Russian, they know me and smile to me when I try to say some Russian words: ??????? , ?????? ???? , ?????????.

Please, leave a message and I will feel I am not alone in this virtual space. Thank you.

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