What we tend to do most frequently is to type our messages or work on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Seldom do we write things out by hand. However, I am sure each of us has our own preference when it comes to the type of pencil, ballpoint pen or pen they choose; which may, without them knowing, come to characterize their writing style.

Postcards received allow me to know how my friends write and sign, although sometimes the identification of the author becomes a difficult task due to the illegible signature. But I am pretty sure they quickly recognize mine with my personal style of writing as well as the colour of the ink I usually use.

My hand writing, rounded, tiny and neat, has changed very little since I was a student; but whereas at that time I preferred black ink, now I usually write with purple ball-pens, if it is not for an official paper. This colour is also useful for marking students work instead of the traditional red one; I hated it when there was one red blot that stuck out like sore thumb among my wonderful scores.

Once I tried to start writing with a pen, but the experiment was a failure. Nowadays, I am fond of fine tips, purple ball-pens or pencil leads. So, it goes without saying that I have a large quantity of them, in every pencil case or bag in my possession. However, it is not a good idea to lend them to those people pressing strongly while writing, because they?ll inevitably break the tip.

When travelling, it is not pencils that I usually consider buying, but this summer, while strolling along the street of one of the cities we visited, we came across a shop that specializes in pens; one type of pen, even better, the one I love. It surprised me that we couldn?t find any purple fine tip pens. In addition, there were two odd colours: orange and brown. Without any hesitation, we bought one of each colour and I regret not buying more of them. I hope to find the same ones in stationeries close to my Faculty soon.

What kind of pencil do you prefer? What is your writing style like?

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