I have taken time before writing about ?Brest-Hero Fortress?, but out of respect and for understanding. I have been there several times, observing people and what was happening there. I asked to students and other I have had the opportunity to speak with, what it means for them.

Beyond the Historical facts, or a discussion about good or bad, victor or vanquished, I show you some pictures.

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The dimensions are impressive, and it is, in accordance to the answers I obtained, a sacred place. It is a cemetery where to hold sacred the memory of the ancestors, where their courage and determination defending the border and their country can be honored.

I also was told that it is a place where patriotic feelings are encouraged and a lot of visitors feel touched remembering those days of resistance.

One of the statues is a soldier called ?Thirst?, it represents a soldier creeping to water with a helmet in his hand.

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The other soldier is a large grey mole called ?Courage?. People here did not like when it was categorize as one of the most ugly monuments, however, why to make a judgment?. Every nation, every artist finds their own way to express feeling and facts. Just look at the pictures.

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A 104,5 m Obelisk is barely 400cm higher than La Giralda (It is a bell tower in Seville), however it impresses, probably it is because isolated.

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In the center of the square you can find the Eternal Fire and the young soldiers who guard it.

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Anyway, it is a place for citizens. There you can find a path for cycling, you can see newly-weds taking pictures, you can enter into an orthodox church and also beautiful butterfly which do not care about tanks can be admired.

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Someone told me that this memorial place doesn?t meant that nowadays people hate the children and grandchildren of those who attacked them. New generations of one and the other part can be friend and live in peace. Furthermore, another person said ?there is no future without past, and this place belongs to the History in this country?. Then, do human being learn from the past in order not to repeat death and destruction?. As this post started: ?the answer is blowing in the wind?.

It you are more interested in this place you can visit the official site, and you can listen the audio that can be listened passing the main entrance.


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