I could say that Fernando is one of my Friends, he is in charge of cleaning our offices and other common areas of the faculty building where I work. Recently he told me that he had found a note of gratitude which had made him feel happy, proud and satisfied. I shared his happiness and asked for his permission to take a picture of the paper to be published here.

?Thanks? is one of the first words I have learnt in each country that I have visited as it is said very frequently; however, due to my fragile auditive memory I have forgotten almost every version of ?thanks?. Therefore, I am considering the possibility of recording words uttered by locals in the next trip I take around the world, which might be as interesting as taking pictures, and which will allow me to remember how this wonderful word is said and pronounced in different languages.

Despite forgetting many versions of ?thanks?, I have not forgotten how ?thanks? is said and written in Russian; which goes back to the first time that I used ?thanks? as a title for a post. The first time was related to my experience of living in Brest (Belarus) in which I tried to sincerely express my gratitude to all those people who supported me while living there; you can read it again here.

Each word has a meaning, although sometimes I have felt that words, and this one more than others, is a barrier that limits the feelings that I try to express. It is as though my feelings are so intense that the word by itself cannot properly express my true sentiment.

Going back to my friend Fernando, he felt over the moon simply because an anonymous person had showed her gratitude and recognized the excellent job he was doing. A simple word had made him happy, something without a cost for the person who had written the note.

So, I am not going to end up posing any questions just to invite you to write a comment here; on the contrary, today I would like to ask you to say thank you constantly, and to have a grateful attitude while not taking everything for granted.

As for me, THANK YOU for reading my posts and sharing with me this adventure of writing a blog.

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