I have read Miguel A Ari?o?s blog (http://miguelarino.com/): if you look a person trusting on him or her, he or she will do his utmost, and then it made me think of my profession.

I have been teaching at Sevilla University for 25 courses. In the early years I was concerned about writing the doctoral thesis, after that the worries were related with obtain a secure job. And finally, a new period started when I decided to dedicate my time to teach instead to research.

During last weeks, by chance (if hazard exists), some former pupils contacted me. It is a pleasure and makes me feel happy when they tell me how they have made progress, when they share with me their plans and dreams.

I have had a lot of pupils and they know that sometimes, in a joking manner, I say: ?the next president is among you?. My intention is to do the same Ari?o says, look their potential, help them to do their best, to make them feel confident, infect with enthusiasm. It is similar to what a mother does with her sons.

Of course, I am not going to be in their life as important as Albert Camus?s teacher. Camus devoted his speech to his teacher at primary school when he was awarded with the Novel Prize ?(http://cultura.elpais.com/cultura/2012/07/15/actualidad/1342352244_471369.html), anyway I know I affect their lives. So among the quotes I collect there is one: ?A teacher affects eternity, she can never tell where his influence stops?. And I can add another quote: ?People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.? If my students are not going to forget how I treat them, I will do all I can in order to do my best.

Is my profession my vocation? I don?t know, however I am sure that it makes me feel happy, I put all my energy. If I do better or worse it will depend on the personal experience, so probably some students don?t have felt comfortable in my classes, you cannot please all the students.

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