Tunas are typical choirs composed by students that almost all Spanish Universities have.

A song they usually sing is:

Triste y sola

Sola se queda Fonseca

Triste y llorosa

Queda la Universidad

Y los libros

Y los libros empe?ados

En el monte

En el Monte de Piedad

It tells the story of a student that says goodby to his girlfriend and to University.

Actually, now is the moment when the activity at our University stops. It is time of holidays, time of rest, time of silence.

Silence is the best ally for reflection, for finding out where we go, or where we want to go, and although ?all roads lead to Rome?, I choose El Camino de Santiago during my time of silence.

It is the reason that during a couple of week no more post will be published. I will be back soon, all things are arranged to continue, visa, airline tickets, and illusion.

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