Waiting room

Sat in the waiting room. Waiting. Looking around. Listening to the conversations. Feeling. Tuning to. Tuning to frequency of people who suffer pain. Feeling how patients and their relatives was worried, understanding them. Listening to people who has undergone experiences as falls, broken bones, mini-strokes, or details of their pains. [...]

2016-03-28T00:19:36+02:0028 March, 2016|Personal section|


I was standing in line, waiting to pay when we were remembered by the public-address systems in the shop that it was Father?s Day. ?That?s when I remembered my father. Never have we been fond of giving presents in my family, not even on special occasions; and looking back, I [...]

2016-04-01T21:55:20+02:0021 March, 2016|Personal section|
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