Souvenirs: mementos or pieces of art

Mugs, t-shirts, magnets, key rings, pencils, caps, postcards, thumbnails of famous buildings and flags; every souvenir reminds us of the places we or our friends have visited. Although one year ago I entitled a post, ?Souvenirs?, I?ve decided that it is time to update that post by sharing with you [...]

2017-09-24T19:32:01+02:0025 September, 2017|Personal section|


Seldom do I buy souvenirs when I travel, however some of my relatives are fond of pencils, magnets or other kinds of mementos, so it is the reason I sometimes buy them. Have you ever thought about souvenirs? Each country, even each city has its own symbols and icons, and [...]

2016-09-13T15:55:51+02:0012 September, 2016|Personal section|
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