When you travel you have to get ready your suitcase. If you try to pack your belongings, you will live a nightmare. But don?t worry, in the internet era you can look for some advice even find some mobile applications. However, this experience can become a unique occasion to consider [...]

2014-08-24T23:02:22+02:0024 August, 2014|Personal section|

Belarus, place of destination

  Atlas EGB Rusia - click to enlarge After a short time of silence, today we begin to look forward, so I am writing about the place of destination. Some friends suggested me to place Belarus on the map, since a lot of them do not know exactly [...]

2014-07-21T19:24:08+02:004 August, 2014|Personal section|

Taking a time of silence

Tunas are typical choirs composed by students that almost all Spanish Universities have. A song they usually sing is: Triste y sola Sola se queda Fonseca Triste y llorosa Queda la Universidad Y los libros Y los libros empe?ados En el monte En el Monte de Piedad It tells the [...]

2014-07-21T19:15:24+02:0021 July, 2014|Personal section|
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