Absence is what I feel when you are not here, from a long time ago. When any social network gives me news about you. When I walk around the city and don?t come across you, walking by the river bank, in a bar or in a bookshop. Absence is when [...]

2018-11-21T16:10:10+01:0019 November, 2018|Personal section|


Seg?n mi m?vil, deber?a lucir el sol, sin embargo, hay nubes y todo resulta gris?ceo. ?O es el cristal por el que hoy miro todo? El oto?o no suele ponerme triste, pero este mes de Noviembre (estamos a?n a 15) parece que est? empe?ado en se?alar todas las melancol?as, fracasos, [...]

2018-11-27T11:38:27+01:0015 November, 2018|Personal section|


The light of dawn traces your profile. Eyes, lips can be guessed. Sometimes, depending on how you move, your nose and chin reveal your angular profile. However, your caresses don't need to be guessed; your hands gently touch my back. Caresses that excite me, that awaken my desire and passion [...]

2017-11-19T10:18:37+01:0020 November, 2017|Personal section|
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