Every week I use some tools that help me to write the English version of my posts; among this plethora of tools are dictionaries. However, due to the changes introduced by the latest technologies, it would be rather more accurate to talk in terms of digital resources. Regarding dictionaries, I [...]

2018-01-27T11:16:46+01:0029 January, 2018|Personal section|

No idea

This week I didn?t know what to write about. Although I have a list of pending topics, none of them seem quite appealing. However, when I started to write I had to chose between two of them and finally I would like to share with you one introspection, one of [...]

2017-05-15T00:18:31+02:0015 May, 2017|Personal section|

Studying English

Had I the opportunity to go abroad when I was a teenager girl, with all probabilities I would had done it. However, never is too late. When courses at school finished, my mother wanted me to stay with her in the little village where we live. I used to spend [...]

2016-07-24T21:56:19+02:0019 July, 2016|Personal section|
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