Had I the gift of writing, this week, inspired by the super-moon, I could have written a poem evoking it. As I don?t have this skill, I just enjoyed reminding ?El romance de la luna? (Garc?a Lorca) instead, poem learnt by heart in my youth and which is still somewhere [...]

2016-11-21T07:46:16+01:0021 November, 2016|Personal section|


?Smells of new book?, said Victoria when I opened the new reference manual to look for some information. Then, other scents came to my mind: plastic to wrap new books; shavings from the pencils; new notebooks? Smell of wet soil; of harvested field; of irrigated land; of tomato plants; of [...]

2016-10-23T12:00:13+02:0024 October, 2016|Personal section|


Although my mother says that time often flies whereas on other occasions it doesn?t pass; at my home she feels a little upset because she cannot see the time. I don?t have any clocks at home. In relation with this, some weeks ago a friend told me that the Greeks [...]

2016-10-17T07:08:02+02:0017 October, 2016|Personal section|
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