Repost: la casa de Ded Moroz

Ahora que todos conocemos algo de Bielorusia por las noticias que nos muestran los informativos, una amiga me recordó mi experiencia en Brest (Bielorusia). Durante mi estancia en la ciudad que da nombre a mi blog, pude conocer un poquito de la cultura del país, y fui compartiéndolo en publicaciones [...]

2021-12-21T11:53:32+01:0021 December, 2021|Belarus, Personal section|


Had I the gift of writing, this week, inspired by the super-moon, I could have written a poem evoking it. As I don?t have this skill, I just enjoyed reminding ?El romance de la luna? (Garc?a Lorca) instead, poem learnt by heart in my youth and which is still somewhere [...]

2016-11-21T07:46:16+01:0021 November, 2016|Personal section|


?Smells of new book?, said Victoria when I opened the new reference manual to look for some information. Then, other scents came to my mind: plastic to wrap new books; shavings from the pencils; new notebooks? Smell of wet soil; of harvested field; of irrigated land; of tomato plants; of [...]

2016-10-23T12:00:13+02:0024 October, 2016|Personal section|
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