Not until I found this word in an article I recently read did I learn that it has a different meaning from what I learnt while studying finance at University.? It is this new connotation that I would like to write about.

In the article mentioned, the word swap was used in a context related to clothes. Going further, the author exposed how we have adopted Black Friday and Single?s Day as an excuse for irrational consumption. Based on that, she invited the readers to behave in direct contrast, suggesting five different alternatives: chose your own style, organize a swap, DIY, rent your clothes or buy green.

That is how I found swap in a non-financial context, and referring to a second-hand market. This is the way it works: each person contributes 5? to the organization, gives garments that are in good condition and, in exchange, get points; the event organizers classify clothes and then people can exchange the points, all this is done in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

After reading the description of a swap, I realized that I had tried to organize a similar event at my home a few weeks ago. In my case, my friends had been invited to bring clothes, bags and accessories that they didn?t use; however, it was a failure. I am not sure about the reason for this; if the date was not convenient, or alternatively, if they were not used to wearing second-hand clothes. Personally, reusing nieces? or friend?s outfits is something I normally do to follow one of the principles of slow fashion: there are no clothes more environmentally friendly than those that has already been made.

In a nutshell, nowadays it is trendy to exchange clothes in a swap organized by commercial firms that make the event more appealing by adding music, exhibitions and food and wine tasting. Although it seems like a modern version of way that traditional clothes were inherited from siblings, it is more than welcome in the fight against excessive consumerism.

Do you use second-hand clothes? Would you like to participate in a swap?


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