Monday mornings, they are one of my preferred moments during the week. They mean to me the beginning; a new opportunity; everything to be discovered and done; new horizons ahead. Otherwise, how do I live Sunday afternoons?

Especially now, in autumn, after the clocks are moved, here in the South of Spain afternoons are shorter, darkness falls soon. This has an effect in our soul and probably melancholy is invited to visit us, and we spend more hours at home. Watching films, reading captivating books, talking with a good partner, may be some appealing activities for these afternoons. They would be perfect for playing chess if I knew how to play, or even to play board games. I have always had this idealization in my mind, although I have never done it.

I have memories of different ways of living Sunday afternoons. In my youth, an attack of melancholy invaded me because I had to go back to my boarding school on Monday morning. Afterwards, they were afternoons devoted to studying which soon were dedicated to plan the classes to be taught. Afternoons spent playing in the park with my children before dust. Some friends, and sometimes I chose this moment to update the ironing as well.

Nonetheless, now I don?t feel melancholy or sadness, I prefer to enjoy them, alone or with company. It is the perfect moment to read; to plan the up-coming week; to enjoy friendship; and, of course, to leave the post ready to be published.

Although it can be thought that this is an indifferent, even banal topic, surfing on the Internet you can find out that there is a Sunday Syndrome, that yucky feeling that Monday is coming and you can?t stop it. Sadness and apathy appear due to anticipatory thoughts, just the opposite of mindfulness which is the trendy topic. Even a lot of funny ?memes? can be found too and shared in the social networks.

Yet, neither are Friday afternoons so happy, nor Sunday afternoons are so melancholic. So, I like Sunday afternoons, without football always.

How do you live your Sunday afternoons?

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