Had I the opportunity to go abroad when I was a teenager girl, with all probabilities I would had done it. However, never is too late.

When courses at school finished, my mother wanted me to stay with her in the little village where we live. I used to spend those days embroidering table clothes in needle point. It allowed me to become a more patient person, which is a good skill indeed, but now table clothes are stored in the drawers, beautiful but scarcely useful.

Perhaps now I am doing what is considered normal for a teenager, I mean travelling around to improve my English level. This is the third experience I have had. The first one was shared with my nephew, niece and sons. For three weeks I attended a course in an Academy, as I did the second time, although on this occasion I went to Ireland alone. When it comes to evaluating these experiences, I would say that the best thing was to make new friends, and fortunately I keep in touch with lots of them.

As I said before, this is the third time I travelled solely with the aim of improving my English level and I wanted to do something different. Surfing on the internet, I found a webpage where people offer to host you in exchange for some hours work to help them, a great idea.

Hence, here I am, at a city where no other Spaniard is, (I guess), trying to learn colloquial and conversational English. Meanwhile I discover beautiful places and nice people willing to help me. Thank you to them all.

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The description of the visit to Bishop Auckland to watch the ?Kynren? performance, and on to Durham, will be the focus of the next post. So let?s go back to the beginning. I am not sure whether there are age-appropriate activities, but age is just a number; and you know what is written in this blog: if you have a dream it is because you can reach it.

Do you do what is expected of you, depending on your age?? Or don?t you really care what others think?

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