Only recently have I started to enjoy eating ice-creams. During a few years of my life, probably for emotional reasons, I couldn?t relish the taste and flavour of them. Anyhow, in all likelihood after reading the title of this post, the film will have come to your mind.

Copelia is where the famous scene of the film takes place, so if you travel to Havana one of the spots you are supposed to visit is this one. Nowadays it is common to visit the places shown in films, and I did it during my visit to Cuba too. However, the experience of eating an ice-cream, as other activities, has to do not only with the ice-cream itself, but also with the companion, the atmosphere of the place, and all that. My memory of Copelia is not so nice; the companion was wonderful, nevertheless, we had to buy ice-creams in an indoor space devoted only to tourists and were not allowed to sit down and share gardens with Cubans. So, we decided to eat the ice-cream whilst out strolling but with such high temperature the ice-cream melted making my experience even worse. The flavour was neither something special nor memorable.

Fortunately, also during the last summer, I had the opportunity of enjoying a wonderful ice-cream called Lemon Top at Pacitto?s Parlour in Redcar (UK). It is an ice-cream cone topped with lemon sorbet, and I must confess that it is delicious; besides I have a good memory of Linda, with whom I shared this experience.

But it was in Lisbon where I ate the last wonderful ice-cream, bought in Santini in The Chiado neighborhood. Although it was cold outside as it was winter time, the flavor of mango took me to Cuba. My son laughed at me when I smacked my lips with satisfaction. I strongly recommend you to try it should you visit Lisbon.

Well, ice-creams like bicycles are not only for summertime. We can have them in the different cities we visit, or even look for the best in our own city, always being sure we are well accompanied and enjoy a good conversation too.

Do you remember a special moment eating an ice-cream?

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