My Smartphone is on the table, quiet and noiseless. The screen is black. I look at it. When I switch it on a bunch of icons can be seen floating on a brightly coloured screen in the background. However, there is no news, there are no messages at the moment, or at least one I am waiting for.

Your words.

Your message.

A voice message.

Or perhaps a picture.

But you are not at the other end.

A lot of months have passed and you have still not replied.

I surf the Internet looking for some clue about you, but there is nothing. You are disconnected.

Why do I keep on waiting for some news about you?

And why not keeping doing it?

Why do I keep on writing to you?

Why not turn you into a simple memory?

Perhaps it is because in this way I remain hopeful that you will answer one day.

In a few days it will be your birthday, and again I will send you a gift, a song or some words to congratulate you. And, once more, I don?t believe you will answer.

There is only silence at the other end.

I ask myself if one day I will give up trying to contact you.

We met by chance (supposing coincidence occurs), and life allowed us to meet a second time. Will There be a third time? It seems improbable.

We still have our Smartphone?s, although the screen is black for the moment, and the tone I assigned? to you doesn?t ring.

It remains my hope that you will answer one day and that I will know about your life.

Did you get married? Do you have some children? Do you still work at the University?

Why don?t you update your blog? Have you visited more countries during the last years? Have you gone through any difficulty or overcome any illnesses? Have you found any answers to the questions we pondered while sitting by the bank of the Guadalquivir River?

There are many things we have to tell each other!

It is said that we only write about those experiences we have gone through. So, I ask myself, those authors who write about crimes, have they committed them in order to undeerstand the feelings and thoughts of the perpetrators? I don?t think so. Therefore, how will you know whether this post has been dreamt up or not??

Do you have any friend who never answers your messages? How long have you wait before giving up on trying contacting them?

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