If I had not lived in a farm, it could be understandable the reason why I don?t like animals. However, there were different animals living in stables close to my house in the little village. There were cows that were taken to the pasture by my mum every single day, hens that laid more eggs than we needed, and pigs reared for the production of food. Even in my childhood there were some pigeons and rabbits.

But all of them are farmyard animals, they cannot be considered pet. And I am not sure how to consider our cats, because they were allowed to enter into the house, but i wouldn?t say they were pets.

Notwithstanding I grew up surrounded by animals, never have I felt special sympathy with them, it is like if we were in different worlds. Furthermore, for some time I was afraid of dogs which could be the explanation of why I did not buy a pet for my sons when they, as may other children, asked for one dog without considering the responsibility involved.

Be that as it may, I have not had a pet. However, step by step I have learnt to love them thanks to some of my friends who are dog-lovers. Rufus has helped me to discover a new kind of relationship and feeling; I enjoy taking him in my car when he comes with my friend. It is a pleasure to greet him when we meet near the river and see him running across the field when we go to the countryside or to the beach.? Other friends of mine have cats, and also I admire their passion for them. Pets as parrots are not so frequent, whereas I have a friend who has one.

Do you have a pet? Do you have dogs, cats or other more exotic pets? Do you have had some interesting experience or adventure with them?? Share your opinions with us, thanks.

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