?All roads lead to Rome? is an expression frequently used, whereas it doesn?t specify which moment in time it will happen. I had planned to travel to Rome; however the trip had to be cancelled due to some personal circumstances with all that implies referring to expenses. The question of what part is covered by insurances has arisen rather quickly. Nevertheless, as I have not taken out any insurance, I am not very fond of paying for insurance, there was nothing to claim for.

In these very days, an insurance agent knocked at the door of my house with the intention of selling me an insurance policy. He got surprised when I told him that I have not any insurance (apart from those which are compulsory by law), but even more when I explained him my attitude. The trip was not covered with any insurance because I have not paid for any one; I took the risk of what could happen, as it finally happened, so I assumed the implications without any drama.

Guarantees and insurances, it is probable that some of you, readers of this post, have had the experience of using them, discovering suddenly that this happening you wanted to guarantee was not covered. With surprise you were informed that there was some clause, in the small print, because of what you did not have coverage for your problem. At other times, paperwork is so tedious, long and frustrating, that you give up just before starting; it is because probably time and energy it requires are not compensate.

Whereupon I was musing over questions such as: What is insurance? What are insurance useful for? What they protect us of? I understand that insurance make us feel that we are in control of all that could happen in future, independent of the likelihood of its occurrence. Insurance are based on fear of some situation in the future. What is the opposite to fear? Perhaps, in this case the opposite to feel afraid of what could happen in the future is to feel confident. Feeling confident that we will be able to solve each new situation we have to face is the alternative. We will cross that bridge when we come to it, is it so difficult to do?

What is your choice? Fear to all that could happen in the future, or trustworthiness that we will have all we need just when we need it.

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