According to the dictionary, a remake is a new or different version of something such as a movie, song, etc. And you probably know a lot of them; sometimes the quality is quite different from each other and we may prefer one than another. On this topic, I would like to share with you my last experience watching Beauty and the Beast.

Cinema is not my cup of tea, and along the years I have gone the theatre more times than to the cinema, in spite of the price differences. But this time, my youngest son wanted to go to the movies instead going to the city centre as expected during expected Holy Week, and I seized the opportunity to share the experience with him.

Beauty and the Beast was the film chosen. And I guess that the most important reason had to do with the actress playing the role of Beauty, although it is possible that my son wanted to remember his childhood too. It is said that this live-action version is faithful to the original, however after searching the Internet, I found some articles which analyze the differences.

In spite of that, you will not find a film review here, only my impressions and specifically those related with the soundtrack. It is the song ?Tale as Old as Time? ?and the message hidden in it that I love. ?Angela Lansbury sang this son acting as Mrs Potts, and there is a version by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson too. In the remake it is Ariana Grande and John Legend who sing the melody of the story starred by Enma Watson and Dan Stevens.

However, and as most of you know, the lyrics change when they are translated into another language, and, although the English version is nice, I prefer the Spanish one performed by Chenoa and David Bisbal during a famous contest in Spain. The lyrics go:


Siempre al arriesgar

Puedes acertar tu elecci?n final

Debes aprender

Dice la canci?n

Que antes de juzgar

Tienes que llegar

Hasta el coraz?n?


You can call me na?ve, but I am sure that ?beauty lies within?.? What do you think? Do you try to look inside other the person before judging him or her?

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