I enjoy walking into a bookshop and looking at the shelves, how they are organized, what the latest books are, the bestsellers, taking a short look at the different sections as cooking, self-help, poetry, novels? Furthermore, people wandering around the bookshop call my attention as well; to be honest, bookshops only are full of people the days before Christmas. I have realized that now you can find teacups, bookmarks, magnifying glasses or even funs decorated with poems in the bookshops.


According to some surveys, conducted in UK but also in Spain, the reading habits are different depending upon the gender or the age. But all means, as all people can guess, women read more books than men, and the proportion of readers increase considerably with age. The most popular type of book bought is another aspect analyzed by the researchers, showing that cookery books, crime stories, and romantic novels are the favourites of readers. It must not be forgotten that the literary prizes increase sales of winners and finalists.

And although nowadays the discussion about e-books and piracy is opened, the truth is that the results of surveys support the statement that the number of books published has risen for the last 30 years in a similar way than the prices.

Due to my lack of knowledge of the world of publishing, I have always asked myself: do the writers write under inspiration or do they design a book for a specific readership? What are the reasons that make a book to become a bestseller, its quality or the marketing campaign?

We may also think over if young people are alienated from books, as the parents and teachers complain sometimes, but we leave this for another post.

I enjoy reading, and I have already told you about my relationship with books (Los libros de mi vida 12/01/15?http://brestandglory.com/es/los-libros-en-mi-vida/ ? ). Then, you that are reading this post: What book did you enjoy the most? What book captivated you? What book are you looking forward to reading? And above all, what book made you dream or inspired you? Do you like illustrated books? Leave a comment!

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