It seems difficult to talk to young people about death. I mean, if you say to a young future graduate: “try to imagine yourself in your own death bed looking back at your life; and speculate as to how you would feel in this exact moment regarding your own life”; it may not make sense to them. When a young person finishes at University, he or she is full of hope, dreams, and plans. Besides, death is not a topic we used to talking about in our society, but this reflection is beyond this post.

In my case this theme came to me after listening to the program of Wayne Dyer called “The power of intention”. Wayne Dyer is known as the father or motivation and in his talk, he describes how the book “The Death of Ivan Ilych” by Leon Tolstoi impressed him. After reading this novel which was a gift from his uncle when he enrolled in the Army, he decided “he didn´t want to die with his music inside”. It inspired him to develop a program to help other people to find their own purpose in life.

Up to our inevitable demise, our life, our decisions, and actions, all we do in our private or professional life, leave a footprint. So, if we stop and think, we can choose what legacy we want to leave; in the professional area it can be described as the impact we make in the world surrounding us. And it has nothing to do with major accomplishments, but with the simple and personal ones we can achieve. Then, if we are going to leave a personal print, why not to do it in a more conscious way, deciding how it is going to be left?

In my opinion, the moment we finish at University is the perfect time to start thinking about our personal purpose in life which is the energy and basement from which to develop a plan for entering professional life. Thus, I have decided to lead my students in such a way that their purpose can become their personal footprint in the future.

This idea, as it has been explained above, inspired me to set up a project of writing the final essays (TFG) from a new point of view: giving the students the main clues to start their professional life keeping in mind the pint they want to leave in life.

The hoped-for result is for them to develop a personal brand, a concept that is well developed in marketing, although from my humble point of view, it can be enriched and more broadly applied.

Expanding the concept of personal branding by adding to it the idea of purpose in life and applying it when going from University to labour market is the core of this project and the topic in this part of my blog. For this reason, henceforth we will write about personal print and it will be illustrated with the logo created by Lourdes Cebaqueda Prior, a student in the first course of this project (2019/20).

What about you, has you ever thought about the print you want to leave?

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