This is not the kind of blog that you read to find information about places you are interested in visiting while travelling. However, I have shared my own travel experiences in many published posts. Today, I would like to tell you about strangers who I have recently spent pleasant moments with while traveling around Arag?n with one of my friends.

I love people who are passionate about their work, putting their heart and soul into everything they do, as Mari does. In Jaca, we met Maria, an old lady who took the time to explain all the ingredients and different flavours? we could find in the sweets displayed in the glass cabinet of her shop. When we had made our choices, she wrapped the sweets carefully and made a bow in order to decorate the package. Kindly, she allowed me to take a picture of her although she had a cold and was worried about the result.



There are people who know how to win your heart just with a smile, and ?lvaro is one of those people. Thanks to him, we could eat in a beautiful village that seemed uninhabited, perhaps because of the hour of the day or because it wasn?t peak travel season. We were charmed by ?lvaro?s smile and his animated conversation in Ans?.

There are also people you come across just because you decide to suddenly stop in a quiet village. The man we bumped into there said: ?nothing is a coincidence? and shared with us all his worries about Ruesta and Yesa.







It could happen that you stop in a bar to ask for information and end up chatting over some beers with villagers. It happened to us in Sos del Rey Cat?lico where we met Fernando, Meche and their friends. They were kind and hospitable, and described the film ?La Vaquilla? in great detail, which had been set there. Nonetheless, my surprise was to find out that they have a special relationship with Madrigalejo which is a village close to mine. They told us that King Fernando el Cat?lico was born in Sos and passed away in Madrigalejo.

Unfortunately Juana did not allow us to take a picture of her, but she gave us some suggestions for discovering Daroca. More than eighty years old, Juana was mending socks as it was done years ago with a wooden egg and confessed to us that she had been wearing black clothes all her life. Directly gazing into my eyes with her hands holding mine touched me.

Of course, during the trip we found people that weren?t that kind too, but we smiled at them and continued on our way. Maria, ?lvaro, Merche and her friends, and Juana will not appear in posts published in travel blogs, but they deserve a mention here. They made my experience much better and more interesting.

I am convinced that you, dear reader, also have memories of people you have found while traveling that touched you. You are invited to share your stories here.

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