SAM_3238When I decided to start a blog I realized that I have to choose topics to write about, being the link between them my stay at Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin (Bielorusia).

The first thing was to look at other blogs, and in all of them I found a part dedicated to the CV, but not similar to the page I dedicated to my presentation. So, I asked to myself, what a CV is? Of course there are a lot of answers and different ways of submitting it. ?

However, all of them share one characteristic: all the titles are shown, the more, the better. Past achievements and for academics a large list of publication can be found.

What away from this model is my presentation! My life is summarized in some basic information, my origins (Vargas Llosa says we belongs to the place where we make First Communion), and my lifelong trajectory. No title or degree appear, neither a publication, although to be totally honest, I don?t have so many of them.

As a consequence a question arises: are we reflected in our past achievements? Are we reflected in the aims we want to achieve in the future? It the first question is the important point, I would never have got the grant to go to Belarus. Instead of it probably they considered the project I want to develop. I am happy then. I am happy because I will do my best, although the results are not considered ?success in an academic way?; perhaps another kind of success. We will see.

How is your CV? How is your project?

(Please, forgive my mistakes, Englis is not my mother tongue)

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