More than a word is needed to answer my existential questions, those about the sense meaning of life: what we are doing here; where do we come from and where are we headed; the reason why we experience frustration, pain, or joy; what I will think of or how I will feel at the time of my death.

And then, in relation with the last thought, a new one arises: what day of the year will I die? I don?t know when, however I know the day I was born, and during this week I will celebrate my birthday. ?As it will be a working day, I won?t hold a party with music, disco ball and coloured lights surrounded by my family and friends, but anyway I will celebrate it nonetheless.

In this sense, I will do being grateful for all people who are or have been in my life; no matter how long our relationship has lasted. I will thank them for helping me, for their teaching (even though it implied my suffering). Also, I would like to express my joy in regard to all the adventures I have had the chance to take part in, for all the countries visited, the landscape I have had the fortune to take in, the new flavours discovered and, in a nutshell, for all the experiences I havehad.

Nonetheless, these days I have a query: if I passed away now, what would be said about me?

Dear friends and readers, I am going to ask you for a birthday present: choose one word you would use to describe me and said it to me. Don?t wait till my death to utter it; write me a postcard, a mail or call me; you can just comment here, but don?t let the moment pass without telling me. With all your words I will draw my own portrait.

But don?t forget that all of us have light and darkness; so, be brave and tell me your true opinion. Thank you very much for your present.

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