Fresh flowers will be decorating your house giving a touch of colour. And due to it is cold outside, you must have lit the fireplace, even taken the chance to watch a film, perhaps Out of Africa, on this Sunday evening. This evening that makes you feel melancholic. But I will not be there, we won?t comment on the love scene of the film, not either I will put my head on your chest to heard your heart beating rhythmically.

Your kitchen will be cleaned and tidy; mine will be full of dished piled up on the sink, and short messages written in papers stuck on the fridge.

In your house, light bulbs give warm light, the perfect one to enjoy the beautiful pictures and paintings that hang on the walls of your house. ??In my house, burnt lights are waiting for someone to replace them. Warmth is provided by my heart, and by the hugs I give to those who come and fill my house of happiness.

Do you think that your cat misses me? Do you miss me? I have fresh flowers too; they are easier to look for than flowerpots. However my walls are still without any painting, waiting the right moment. I also wait patiently, more busy in dreams and plans than in decoration.

Change is the only constant in life. Therefore, it could happen that one day someone helps me to hang on my paintings, change the light bulbs and even help me to water carefully the flowerpots. Meanwhile, my home is full of friendship, happiness, and conversations over a cup of tea, dreams, murmurs, caresses…

It is still cold outside, and my flowers remind me yours. Now, with my eyes closed, I can feel your scent; your heart beating under your perfect torso; even I can feel your body warmth; listen your whispers in my neck. Fireworks.

The wind and cold have slipped in, and frozen everything turning it out in a remembrance, just words written on paper. Ah! The narration asked by the English teacher.

This post doesn?t end up with any questions, all details described are fiction, and don?t try to find any coincidence with reality.

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