This week I didn?t know what to write about. Although I have a list of pending topics, none of them seem quite appealing. However, when I started to write I had to chose between two of them and finally I would like to share with you one introspection, one of my fears.

The new English course has proved to be quite challenging, in part due to the new professors that have joined it. The level is so high that I am sure I am not the only one who feels it is difficult to catch up with the new ones.

This experience plus a book I am reading made me think about what was happening, how the English class was making me feel, and why studying English was becoming a tough business.

The book is called ?A Monster Calls?; and in all likelihood you have heard of it since the film was recently featured in cinemas. I have not finished it yet, nevertheless it makes the reader to look inside themselves and face their own fears, and that is what I did.

As it is expected, university teachers are highly competent and gifted, but they are very competitive too. An atmosphere of competitiveness can be a source of stress for individuals. In fact, in my case, I started feeling I had to demonstrate I was good enough to be in this group. And it was not a pleasant feeling, I was afraid of other people thinking I was not clever, hard working or brilliant enough.

Once the fear is identified, it is easier to overcome. Then, it is time to go to the beginning and keep in mind that the only reason to study English is to enjoy it while doing it.

Do you have any fear about what people might think about you?

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