This is one of those posts that are quite difficult to write in English as it focuses on something very typical of Spain; however I will not to give up trying to do my best.

In all likelihood, you can agree with me that the beginning of Christmas time can be recognized because Christmas lights are switched on in the center of towns. Besides, shops are decorated to invite you to buy gifts for your family. In Spain, supermarkets show all kind of Christmas sweets on their shelves, we call them ?turr?n, polvorones? and many others.

Similarly, advertising campaigns can be watched on TV inviting you to spend money. My mail box is full of junk mail that goes directly to the recycling container, although, before that, I check that no postcard is there.

Whereas this happens in cities, when I lived in my little village you could know that Christmas was close because Nicolas arrived. Nicolas came from Castuera, with a shed he built right in front of my house. This was the point from where he delivered his sweet products in all the villages close to mine. I have a special memory of the rain clattering on the roof of this shed while I was warm in bed.

All his family joined him when the Christmas holidays started. And so many years of this routine allow the two families to develop a beautiful friendship. Although, to be honest, Nicolas has friends in all villages in the county and he has shared with them important moments in their lives like birth and death, weddings, successes and failures.

However, I did not have to write in past tense because, although Nicolas did not build his shed because he has by now worked a lot, he still visits the villages, spreading happiness and Christmas sweets too.

Here in the city are lights and commercials that announce that Christmas time is coming, but for me there is nothing more typical in this time than those bags with caramelized peanuts Nicolas gave me.

What are your memories from your childhood related with Christmas time?

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