Summer inspired themes are coming to an end even though here, in the South of Spain, it seems that summer is never going to give way to autumn. We still wear sandals and light clothes, nights are warm and blankets are still tucked away in our closets.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes haven?t disappeared yet; and now that I no longer apply insect repellent to my clothes and exposed skin or even wear a special mosquito repellent bracelet due to the fact that it is not necessary to take malaria prophylaxis and all those kinds of precautions. Now, mosquitoes take delight in biting me. Mosquitoes and flies are typical insects in summer, the former bite while the latter only serve to irritate us.

At home we have a joke; my mother says that no flies appear in the house until we enter it. And she would have her reasons for saying this, because flies appear when there are many people, food scraps and so on. They are so disgusting that some might think that they don?t deserve a poem, however Antonio Machado wrote one devoted to them. What is more, this poem has been sung by Serrat and by Alberto Cortez. As far as I am concerned, this is the most well-known poem about flies although a quick search on the internet showed that Julio Cort?zar also dedicated a poem to them. My research focused solely on poems written in Spanish. I didn?t bother to investigate as to whether an English poet has invested his/her time in writing about flies too.

Regarding mosquitoes, and other insects such as cockroaches, I think there is not a piece of literature devoted to them; although, as my son says, they sound to us like they are competing in F1 when they buzz close to our ears during the night, awakening in us the fear of being bitten and the desire to swat them away.

Neither flies nor mosquitoes have disappeared yet; and because we are used to changes in the seasons, all of us hope it rains as soon as possible and that temperatures start to drop. We want to see the leaves falling and enjoy the reddish colours of the autumn and the resplendent light of our city during this time of the year.

No word has been written here about the worker bee neither about the beautiful butterfly; the post started referring to flies and mosquitoes and ended with a reference to the weather. This last subject is a recurring theme in many conversations, which in my opinion is a waste of time or, at least, I reckon that we miss the opportunity to have a more interesting conversation with people we meet when talking about such a trivial matter.

How many conversations about the weather do you have during any given day?

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