It seems madness to feed a blog nowadays.

There is no study trip that support it, nor an specific professional project, and, what is more, there are so many blogs that what contribution one more blog can make? I am not an expert in photography, nor in cooking, neither I can give advice about travels or tourism, I cannot write books or cinema reviews, neither give opinions about the current political situation…

However, the decision to restart posting in the blog has to do with the new English course I am attending to. It is required to write a blog among the activities of this course. In addition, Suzanne Powell suggests in her book ?Conexion con el alma?, to share our personal experiences as she does. And it called my attention when I read it.

So, here I am, opening the doors of this virtual space. What are we going to talk about? I don?t know yet, we will see how it develops.

The guiding thread will be the same: ?if you have a dream, you can reach it?. And the format will be the same as well, short post with a personal point of view, and as usual the day selected is Monday.

All are invited to read, participate, criticize, share, add….

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