The new English course has just kicked off with a new plan, so it is worth to writing about it instead of the transport chosen to travel, as it would be expected after the last post.

As most of you know, readers of this blog, the leitmotive to keep on writing every week is, on one hand, to practice and improve my English level. And on the other hand, I must confess that it has become addictive. I feel like talking to a friend over a cup of coffee, letting my imagination run wild and so, I chose any topic that comes to my mind. Although the appearance of the blog is going to change soon, and it will be the right time to summarize how it works, now it is the perfect time to go over my relationship with English.

It is writing in the home page of the blog: ?if you have a dream is because you can make it comes true?. I am not sure if my dream is to speak English like a native, however I am quite sure about how I enjoy studying English.? So it is reason enough to do it, it doesn?t matter if I don?t need it to make my living.

This project started five years ago, when I enrolled in a course to obtain B2 certificate. ?Vicente, our teacher then, encouraged us to do our best. Some of the students of this new course have been together throughout these years, among them a lovely group of girls strongly committed with this project. Thanks to Angelines, Cristina, Mar?a Jos? and Isabel who made this adventure even better.

Besides, studying English has been a good reason to travel abroad, this has allowed me to visit stunning places and meet wonderful people who have become true friends, just to name a few Blanka, Martina, Larisa, Joanna, Angela, or Maria who is the last one in this group. Last but not least, it must not be forgotten than I could enjoy a scholarship grant that allowed me to go to Belarus. It was a life changing experience and this blog is named after the city where I was, Brest.

Still, all I have refer to is in the past, now we have a new challenge, a big one. But as one of my colleague said to me: ?Come on, Gloria, you like challenges, don?t say no!?. And she is right, I learnt to say NO but when it is necessary, now I say, yes, it is a challenge, and I hope I can tell you that I have the C2 English Certificate one day.

Do you have new challenges in your life? Do you have a dream to make true?

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