My friends often say I travel a lot; and it must be true because:

I have travelled by car, train, bus, plane, ship, camel, motorbike?

I have walked around desert landscapes and rested in the shadow of impressive rocks.

I have entered caves and gone down to the lowest point at which the sea begins in the world.

I have climbed to summits where castles were built; to the top of skyscrapers and to bell-towers from where you can admire the horizon, rural or urban.

I have visited religious buildings: stunning cathedrals, huge and profusely decorated, as well as pagodas and stups in far away countries. Big cities and little villages, even some of them abandoned.

I have walked beaten trails and gone upstream throug narrow spaces.

I have driven many kilometres on national and international roads.

I have watched the vegetation that grows in mogotes, rice fields and large field of palms trees, waterfalls, streams and amazing cliffs.

I have visited all kinds of museums, with painting and sculptures, putting on ethnographic or temporal exhibitions, it allowed me to admire famous pieces of art or unknown ones.

I have enjoyed theatre plays performed in roman ruins, harmonious light and sound shows in or around historic buildings, and classic dance as well as traditional dances.

I have had a bath in quiet rivers, in the Dead Sea, and even under waterfalls with warm water amongst nature.

I have slept in cottages, hostels, pilgrim houses, luxury hotels and friend?s houses.

I have travelled alone and with companions.

Everything mentioned before is documented with a lot of pics I like to share; however, there is no image of the before and the after of my most important adventure.

Because nothing of what I have outlined above would have any meaning if I didn?t have an inward journey, trying to understand my own feelings and thoughts; a relentless pursuit of truth, looking for answer to the great questions in life.

This is for me the most important trip, without it, there is no point in travelling the world.

And, what about you, dear readers? What are the most appealing trips for you? How do you travel the world and look for answers to the great questions in life?

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