In the English course I am attending to, I have been asked to deliver a speech about my field of expertise. I would have liked to talk about my large collection of postcard, or about my experience in Belarus, or even theatre could have been a good topic. Instead of this, it was compulsory to speak about our field of expertise.

In this connection, the first question that came to my mind was, am I expert in anything? No, I am sure I am not. As my mother often says, ?apprentice much master of none?. It is me, curious and eager to learn all over.

So there I was, embarrassed of having to deliver a speech in front of such educated people, expert in maths, physics, architecture, accountancy, marketing, law, ? My classmates are fluent and their pronunciation is brilliant as well, in fact these are my weak points. Nevertheless, I am not a person afraid of new challenges.

My field of expertise, or better, the subject I teach at University is Human Resource Management. Consequently, I decided to list the roles or activities that are developed in HR departments as if I were teaching the first class of the course. Just in case you, readers of this blog, want to know what roles I am referring to, you can look at this slice.


In order you to realize how important these roles are, you can consider that all the aspects of your professional life (the contract you have, the way you are paid, the possibilities to develop your career, and so on), depends on the decisions made in HR department.

Anyway, all these aspects are related with the topic I teach, but, what about me? It is not HRM the field that interests me the most, and particularly from an economic point of view; despite that, I am sure that teaching is my vocation, therefore I feel happy in my job.

What about your job? Do you feel happy performing it? Do you feel that you are living your vocation?

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