Usually we don?t show our closets to people who come at home. However, it makes me think about many things beyond the clothes stored.

With all likelihood, you have felt that with a closet full of outfits you have nothing to put on. On those days that nothing suits my mood, I try to do the other way around. I mean, I dress to feel confident, sometimes high heels are the best choice. Conversely, if I have to walk long distances, jeans and flat shoes are better. There are more garbs in my wardrobe for any event.

Yet there are more thoughts. Let things go and have room for new things is also applicable to other aspects of life.

How much do we pay for our clothes? Do we buy brand-name clothes? Do we prefer quality instead use and throw away?

What about order? I have seen closets so tidy that look like shop windows, while others are messy. What about mine? It is tidy or messy depending on the moment.

What your closet smells of? Lavender is the fragrance of mine, I enjoy it. Usually there are some bags of dried lavender hanging inside it.

Do you agree that our wardrobes show how we are?? But what is the reason to raise this issue? Two months ago a lovely girl gave me so much information about slowfashion that, although I could not read everything, I kept captivated by this issue. ?Last week was the Fashion Revolution Week which was set up to mark the anniversary of Rana Plaza disaster, where a lot of garment workers were killed when a building collapsed.

This is one of those topics that would need more than one post to learn more about it, and it is out of the scope of this post. Notwithstanding this, I could say that the proposition of a new business model is something that caught my attention as well as the idea that we don?t need to buy new clothes every two weeks.

How frequent do you buy new clothes?

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